Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Erice: Sicilian town in the clouds

I visited a Sicilian town called Erice, nearly 800 metres above the Mediterranean on Sicily's north western tip. From below, the town was invisible, shrouded by the clouds. Entering the town was like entering some kind of heaven, with the narrow medieval streets swirling in the mist.

Unfortunately, and for the first time ever, I lost a lot of the photos I took here: at least 100 shots, some of which would certainly have been better than any of those seen below. Some counting logic seems to have gone awry in the camera, and it didn't roll over from 9999 to 0001 as it should have done.. I was pretty unhappy about this, to say the least. But, here are those that survived. If you like them, feel free to leave a comment below.

And, I would recommend visiting this beautiful town.

The city of Trapani, on the way up to Erice.

Streets of Erice.

A couple think about whether to stop and eat.

But move on.

On the way back down.

The view over towards the north east.

Un cinquecento bianco.

A shot of graffiti. Because I always manage to find one anywhere.