Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Favourites #1: Swaledale in winter

Sorry, these aren't new photos. However, given the recent (pathetic) amount of snow sprinkled around the country, it made me think of the rather more impressive amount we had a few years ago. I got to spend a few days that winter in Swaledale.

Below are photos from those few days, where I had Gunnerside gill all to myself on Christmas day, and very few people in the dale on other days.

The dales are like home to me, and I know them well enough to know where I am without map or compass, even when the place is coated in snow. They're a magical place, and perhaps a surprise to some people that such desolate places exist in the "green and pleasant" land of England.

I hope people enjoy the shots..

Like I said: desolate.

And windy.

The sense of scale might be quite deceptive: that view stretches on for about ten miles.


Unfortunately, I disturbed this pair of Swaledales sheltering under the snow. I don't know whether they survived.

I waited for about half an hour in the snow waiting for the light to change..

..but I think it was worth it?

It was warm when dug into the snow. (That's me.)

That's the moon above Gunnerside village.

Kisdon foss, downstream of Keld.


Just upstream of Kisdon foss.

Further downstream.

This photograph was actually taken at midnight on New Year's Eve.

And it was a "blue moon".

That's me.