Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Stowe Landscape Gardens

Stowe landscape gardens is a beautiful "Capability" Brown designed landscape in Buckinghamshire. It features a large number of large "follies". The Gothic Temple of the Landmark Trust was open last weekend, which was very interesting to see. Certainly a very beautiful place to stay, but quite possibly more than a little chilly in winter..!

The grounds also border the Stowe school, whose famous alumni includes people like George Monbiot.

Many of these photographs are from last Sunday, but some (those with bright blue sunny skies..) are from a previous visit.

The view from Stowe school.
The interior of Stowe school.

The bathroom of the Gothic Temple.

The main hall of the Gothic Temple.

One of the bedroom of the Gothic Temple.

The exterior of the Gothic Temple.

Cricketers from the school.


The kitchen of the Gothic Temple.

The Lake.