Sunday, 8 July 2012

A circular walk around the A3/M25 junction

Today I did a circular walk around the M25/A3 junction.

No, really, I did. And it was quite enjoyable, despite the background hum of the traffic, taking in Wisley and Ockham commons, with heathland, woodland, swamps and dragonflies, and a hobby attempting to catch them.

I hope you like the photographs.

A tall tree.

It had just finished pouring with rain.

A rather swampy area.

Dragonfly front.

Dragonfly back.

Dragonfly on finger.

It was only a fairly newly emerged one; it was very small. But friendly.

I left him in a comfortable spot.

Crossing the M25 for the first time.

There was a hobby trying to catch dragonflies here. Somebody with their own falcon came along and scared it off.

Crossing the M25 again.

The semaphore tower.

An attractive clump of flowers in the middle of the corn.

Ockham airstrip.