Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cragside and Belsay Hall, Northumberland

A few photographs of Belsay Hall and Cragside.

Cragside is an impressive place: so many modern innovations that were cutting edge technology at the time, such as lifts, automatic dishwashers, hydroelectric power, indoor electric lighting, and many more.

The constructed landscape of its grounds are also quite amazing: built and planted from scratch, they cover a fairly large area that was previously moorland, now landscaped and forested. Many long walks could be taken through it.

The river at Cragside. The water flow from the artificial lake generated electricity for the house, as well as powering a pump for fresh water supplies.


The kitchens, which include probably the world's first automatic dishwasher.

The "Angel of the North".

Belsay Hall. My photographs here are not stunning, but it is a fascinating property: stripped back to its architectural bare bones you can see how such houses were constructed.