Saturday, 20 April 2013

Peacock in the street

I spent the day at home today feeling like the walking dead because of a very nasty cold. A shame, as the weather was cool but at least sunny, dry and not windy.

In the early evening I had my face stuffed over a container of boiling menthol when I heard the cry of a bird from outside. Quite an unusual and loud cry, but then again, we do have plenty of birds around here (I often hear owls hooting at night).

When the bird cried again however I realised immediately that it was the cry of a peacock.

Where I live is fairly rural (considering it's not far from London). However, peacocks are not generally found wandering down the street. He was definitely lost.

So I then watched from my balcony as my thoughtful neighbours carefully herded it back along the road (making sure cars stopped for it), and I'm assuming back down to the posh hotel where it usually spends its time wandering around the grounds looking pretty.

These aren't photos of the peacock in question. But it's a good excuse to put them up: