Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A La Ronde

"A la Ronde" is a sixteen sided house near Lympstone, Devon, built by two remarkable women.

It has fantastic views over the mouth of the river Ex, and is filled with trinkets and curios from their travels through Europe.

I have to say, I also had one of the best cream teas ever at a National Trust property. The (single but good) scone was warmly baked, and it had a very generous amount of cream and jam to slather on top. Very nice.

Also, places like this make me wish I could take photos "properly", without people wandering around, and with my tripod. It would definitely make a big difference to the quality.

The outbuildings, now used as the shop and entrance.

Waiting for them to open..

The view over the river Ex. Foggy on the other side.

An infra red shot.

The house cat.

She was very shy.

All cabinets inside were filled with stuff like this.

Every space was made use of. This tiny little alcove was turned into a small library.

The bedroom.

Very nice bathroom.

The main atrium, reflected in the silver ball.

At the top is the shell gallery.

The drawing room.

The dining room.

That was a really good scone.