Thursday, 9 May 2013

Castle Drogo, as it begins restoration

I took another visit to Castle Drogo. Before arriving I didn't realise that they had begun the restoration work (the building leaks water like a sieve). All the interior fixtures and fittings were removed, and it was bare and stark. In addition, all the windows were boarded up in anticipation of their removal for restoration.

Despite this, it was still a fascinating place to visit.

The restoration work will take at least five years. Given that, I'm just glad that I saw it last year (one year to the day, in fact) before the works began.

From a distance.

I took this same photograph last year. As it was on the same day as last year and I took it at exactly the same time, the sun was in the same position. Talk about deja vu.

The entrance way, filled with architectural drawings.

Carpets and tapestries all rolled up for safekeeping.

Painting of the castle's founder.

All these windows will be removed and re-set.

I don't think Drogo needed any more water..

The upstairs corridor.

The view!

A room full of stuff.

That view really is nice..