Tuesday, 30 July 2013

History Live: World War

Presented in no particular order, here are a collection of German, British, Soviet and American soldiers found at History Live:

I guess you have to be stoic when dressed as a German solider..

Or have a very large sense of humour.

Machine gun mounted on a motorbike. I think I might get one of those for my commute.. That would keep pedestrians from wandering in front of me down Piccadilly..

Keeping up with events.

Sten gun. The gun made from gas pipes. No, really.

Dug in.

These GIs were watching in horror as a bit of a gun nut told them about what guns he would favour should he find himself in the middle of World War 2 for real.. Scary stuff.

I think they really wanted him to leave..

Combat photographer!

This German NCO was great. A real personality who knew his guns but wasn't crazy..

Give me a rifle over these little sub machine guns any day, he said.

Schnell! Britishers!

Yeah, yeah. After I've finished me tea.