Friday, 2 August 2013

Buttermere and up to Haystacks

After Wastwater, the following day was the walk from Buttermere, along the lake, and up the hill to Haystacks.

The weather was beautiful and hot. People were out enjoying the walk around the lake. I found a quiet spot and stripped and jumped straight in and spent quite a while floating around about the middle of the lake. To say that it was peaceful would be an understatement.

Up at the top of Haystacks the view was impressive, but bad weather was coming in fast. And also, while the Lakes might be famous for their wet weather, it had been so dry that there were no springs; I had to walk a good two miles from camp to find a spring trickling out of some rocks. Though it was fresh and delicious and worth the walk.

Night, with the clouds rolling across and out to sea, was impressive.

People enjoy the lakeside at Buttermere.

The woodland on the south side.

Looking up towards Haystacks.

The cool stream that feeds the lake.

And the view from the top..

The tarn at Haystacks.

No sunset tonight.. but still, the clouds give it some drama.

Buttermere village.

The tarn at night.

Buttermere on the left, tent on the right.


You're never far from running water.

This is the reason you don't drink from mountain streams: the water would be clean, but you see that thing in the lower left corner? That's a well rotted sheep carcass. Only drink from springs, unless you boil the water.