Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Keld camp, and along to Swinnergill

It was such a nice location, I returned again to camp by the waterfalls near Keld.

This night, the storm clouds burst, and the fire hissed and crackled as huge raindrops hit the hot stones. A nearby overhanging tree branch provided enough shelter from the rain.

The next day, with better weather, I walked down the valley past the abandoned houses and barns, crossed the Swale (so low that you could walk across), and walked up Swinnergill, by the dozen or so small waterfalls.

Hoping for wet weather?

Storm clouds burst.

The fire kept burning even through torrential rain.

The sky turned purple as the storm passed over.


The sky was very stormy.

At times like this it's easy to remember why fire has been so important to human beings.. The circle of light and warmth in the darkness.

Drying off..

The remains of the fire.

A thistle lit by the early sun.

The drover's road through the woods is atmospheric.

Sheep make use of the abandoned houses (abandoned when electricity and other such things arrived).

A fact of life in the hills..

The colour of the water is from the peat.

Return to the earth..

A tiny little wild strawberry.

The doorway at Crackpot hall.