Monday, 5 August 2013


Richmond, North Yorkshire, is the the first "Richmond" in the world.

It has a castle that has stood for nearly 1000 years. It has the oldest working theatre in the country (the Georgian Theatre Royal, founded in 1788). It has the fast flowing river Swale tumbling across the beautiful waterfalls. Old bridges. Woodland walks by the river. Cricket. A swimming pool. A ruined abbey, and numerous churches. History. Legends. Myths. The Old Station, converted wonderfully into a community centre with small businesses, a cafe, gallery, and cinema.

Richmond has it all, really.

One thing it doesn't have much of are jobs for local residents. That's a bit of a problem. Though a problem for the whole area, not just for Richmond itself.

The Norman castle keep

The Cockpit garden.

The keep, from below.

The marketplace, from the keep.

The castle grounds.

Green bridge.

The Old Station.

The Obelisk, in the marketplace (a water reservoir lies below).

The interior of the Georgian Theatre Royal. (The lighting was terrible here.)

The market hall.

The town hall steps.

The mayor's office.

Barry Heap, one of the past Mayors; he now gives excellent tours of the town.