Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Snowshill Manor

I've been to Snowshill Manor a few times before. It probably is my favourite National Trust property simply because it's completely crazy: a true English eccentric bought a large manor house, and filled it with his eclectic collections, from Samurai armour (largest collection in the world), to hobby horses and miniature carts.

It's really well worth a visit.

Many thanks to the very helpful staff, looking after piles of motorbike gear at the front desk, and for advising on what to see after visiting.

All these photos taken with a 50mm lens.

Through the apple orchard.

The entrance to the house.

Snowshill Manor has the largest collection of Samurai armour anywhere in the world (over 20 suits).

Round like spokes in a (Penny Farthing) wheel.

The Alhambra.

Javanese masks.

Charles Paget Wade's dinner table.

And pantry.

The model harbour, which is being restored.

Email linda.roberts@nationaltrust.org.uk to volunteer.

And a wander around the village..

In the church.

And a walk through the fields.