Saturday, 16 November 2013

Red autumn in Friday Street

A wander through Friday Street, and to the Stephan Langton pub, where the food was really, really good (venison sausages), and with a Tastecard also extremely good value.

The countryside around there is beautiful, and made it even more worrying that Guildford and Mole Valley councils seems to want to revoke greenbelt status for large parts of Surrey, allowing developers to build thousands of new homes.

I have signed this petition, and I think the more people who do sign it the better, though what good it will do for council bosses who are seeing nothing but £££ in front of their eyes is a different matter. Unfortunately, I can foresee that in 50 years time, Greater London will well and truly have swallowed the whole North Downs area and every flat bit of land will have a thousand "executive homes".

Very sad.