Friday, 27 June 2014


It seems every photographer posts a photograph of the photography gear they use.

This is mine.

Camera. And bag. Heavy duty, practical, low key. (The camera and the bag.)

A camera in a camera.

My favourite lens. A rather old and slightly broken manual 135mm f2.8. Lovely.


Something for all seasons.

8, 17-70, 50, 50-300, 100, 135
Yes, okay. And there are a couple of spare batteries, memory cards, and a lens cleaning cloth.

And a piece of junk 2x teleconverter, which I have used precisely twice when taking shots of the moon.

No. No tripod, usually. I do actually own a very good Benbo that my local Jehova's Witness gave to me (no, really). It's great but far too big to carry around, so I've only used it a couple of times (inside my flat, again, taking photos of the moon!). And I do have a tiny little "micropod" which slips into a pocket and can be used to stabilise the camera, as long as you don't need it raised above the surface you have available. But in general, no tripod. I find that on those occasional times I need to stabilise the camera I can usually improvise. And I'd rather travel light.

And no strap. It would have to be a pretty unusual situation for me to put a strap on my camera. It goes in my hand or in the bag.