Monday, 2 March 2015

Bradford city

Bradford is a really beautiful city. Is it also run down and economically depressed? Sadly yes; with all the development of Leeds as a regional economic powerhouse, Bradford has been overlooked, it seems.

But Bradford doesn't need regional headquarters of banks and multinationals, and Bradford certainly doesn't need to be torn down to be rebuilt as a bland, soulless modern city. Bradford is a city of huge culture, history and heritage, with some really beautiful architecture and wonderful people. It has soul, in spades. I really hope it can capitalise on these factors to turn itself around, and become a prominent city once again, with or without outside help.

I'm guessing it will be without outside help, but I have a feeling that it will be okay, as there is clearly a lot of zeal in Bradfordians. For example, coming up in mid-May, the Bradford Literature Festival, all organised locally.

These taken with the Pentax Q, which I have realised is actually far, far superior to my SLR for street photography.

Probably the most impressive Waterstones in the country. (Actually, no "probably" about it, it's amazing.)

I am fairly sure I went to university with that man.