Monday, 9 March 2015

Rollei 35 LED

The Rollei 35 LED. This dear little camera nearly ended up in a bin. I pulled it out, and have given it a new chance at life.

It not only works, it's an absolutely fantastic camera. One of the smallest 35mm cameras ever made, it has full manual control in addition to an LED (hence the name) exposure indicator. I only got the indicator working half way through my usage here, and it did help (used a roll of small batteries rather than the expensive and hard to find mercury battery it originally needed). From seeing these photos I know I probably need to underexpose a bit (the different voltage affects the metering).

Chris at Arundel Photographica looking at the metering.

It's a beautifully engineered camera.

And here are the photos, all taken with rather rubbish expired Kodak film:



Aysgarth church yard.

Aysgarth mill.

Aysgarth falls. Didn't do too badly in poor light.

I like this shot.

Richmond falls.

Keeping the winter feed dry.

First of the reel.

West Wittering beach.

East Head.


It's NOT a low light camera, however!


Loved all these bins stacked up.

Light leakage.. because I forgot to wind back before opening the camera! Lesson number one of film photography: wind back the film before opening!