Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Winter dales

In some ways, winter is my favourite season in the Yorkshire Dales. The soft light brings out the sombre ochre colours of the landscape. Gaps in the (many) clouds let a splash of sunlight hit a hillside, highlighting it. The bare trees give drama to the skylines, and the rivers run full of water from the rain. Clear cold nights give brilliant displays of stars.

Plenty of water in the Swale.

Keeping hay dry.

Stream in Coverdale.

Swaledales. Enjoying a feed. (They came running up to me hoping I had food for them. Quite an unusual experience to have a whole flock of sheep jumping up and down in front of you.)

Got anything..?

At the head of Wharfedale.

This might be a new favourite of mine. 
Or this maybe.

Entering Wharfedale.

Bridge at Barden, Wharfedale.

Aysgarth upper falls.

Wensleydale from the quarry at Redmire, under strong moonlight.