Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Gaping Gill

I took a trip down into Gaping Gill, which is something I think every visitor to Yorkshire should do.

Nearly 400 feet underground, descending down the main shaft in less than a minute. It's quite an experience.

I was lucky enough to take some shots with the lights turned out (not many visitors on the winch week get to see that), though I was extremely annoyed when my cable release wouldn't work, and so I had to make do with 30 second exposures with the ISO cranked up. Not ideal at all sadly - a once in a lifetime opportunity slightly wasted. Perhaps moisture got into the cable release? Not sure.. (It is quite wet down there!)

The main chamber looks amazing with the lights turned out, and the only light coming from the main shaft, in this case a late grey sky oozing a sort of blue shimmer down through the mist of the waterfall. Quite spectacular. I don't believe my photos do it justice. However, many thanks to Jeff Cowling who organised the lights out for me.

I didn't take any photos on the way down or up as the amount of water (you basically go under a waterfall) seemed a bit much even for my well sealed camera (but not a sealed lens). However, this great video by another visitor shows the experience.

My visit was with the Craven Pot Hole Club, who are one of the two clubs who run annual winch weeks.

This person is going to get very, very wet. As somebody put it: the poncho is the best one pound investment you'll ever make. (Especially when, like me, you have a bag of gear to keep dry..)

She came up a bit cold and wet..

Jeff Cowling, centre.

That's the way down.

Lights out..

Ascending to the surface.

Clapham waterfall.