Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Richmond Billybanks in full-spectrum

No, Richmond is not looking quite as spectacularly autumnal as these photos would suggest. These are in fact taken with a full-spectrum modified camera that I am borrowing for a bit of a play with.

I would really like a full-spectrum camera. Which for those who don't know is a digital camera with the infrared and ultraviolet blocking elements taken out: what you see in these photographs is probably kind of how some animals view the world.

These photographs here were taken "unfiltered", with no IR or UV filter on to only capture those wavelengths of light, and the only processing has been to adjust the white balance.

All the images are rather soft around the edges, but I think this is because of the rather cheap 18-55mm "kit" lens that the camera (a Canon 450D) loaned has on. What I would love is a Pentax Q converted to full-spectrum.. Not least because all the lenses take the same size filter.

Well, I can dream.