Sunday, 12 June 2016

Gurnard's Head

Gurnard's Head, Cornwall.

Not the pub. Though the pub was pretty excellent too. But the spectacular bit of headland jutting out from the little hamlet of Treen, on the north coast.

I spent a whole evening here. Well actually, a whole night. I watched the sun set over the horizon very close to massive waves breaking over glistening rocks, and then I pitched the tent on the softest bed of tufty grass imaginable, and then nestled myself in the grass and wild flowers to watch the sunset glow fade on the right, the moon rise on the left, the stars above, and the huge waves beating the rocks ahead and below.

I spent about three hours watching it all, and finally went to bed when the sky was dark.

(Lots more shots from the south west coming up in the next couple of weeks, though in absolutely no particular order....)