Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Scott Trial, 22nd October 2016

The Scott Trial. Probably the most technically challenging motorcycle race in the world. Held in beautiful Swaledale in early autumn each year, by the Richmond Motor Club. This year it was won by James Dabill, from Yorkshire, who has been British trials champion six times.

I hitched a ride with Sue and Ray Ridley, whose son Richard was competing. The Scott Trial is part of their lives, as the course goes literally across their front door (well, about three metres from it..). Ray rode it once, and came tumbling down Fremington Edge in what is apparently quite a famous moment in Scott history. Richard has now ridden it nine times.

The skill of the riders is phenomenal. The best don't actually seem to ride up the very rocky hills: they bounce from rock to rock, in what is clearly a very well thought out route (done completely on the fly, as for many it is their first run of the course). Their balance and concentration is hard to believe.