Saturday, 11 February 2017

Lapland Day 1: Ivalo

Lapland. That bit in the north of Finland with lots of snow, trees, and in the run up to Christmas more Santa Claus than you could shake a birch branch at.

I flew into Ivalo airport, which at most times of the year has a few flights to and from Helsinki, but in that all important pre-Christmas season has a dozen more flights all going direct to and from UK airports, as parents ferry their little darlings to Lapland for the day to meet some English man dressed up like Santa. Quite surreal.

On my first day in Lapland, I... walked from the airport to Ivalo. And wandered around the town. A very small place, but with a couple of supermarkets, which apparently draw a lot of customers from Norway and Russia, as the prices are cheaper (even when factoring in the several hundred kilometre round trip).

Post boxes, kick sleds, and lots and lots of Chinese tourists. That is Ivalo.

This was the last sun I saw for the next four days.

Post boxes.

Kick sled. Oh to have had one of these for my trek from the airport.

Engines get plugged in to keep them warm.

Winter storage.