Monday, 13 February 2017

Lapland Day 3: Frozen and unfrozen waters

Day three in Lapland.

Most water freezes during the winter. So, you have the slightly novel experience of trekking miles across frozen lakes. But, any water that moves regularly doesn't freeze as easily, so some rare patches are likely to remain ice free except in the coldest of temperatures (think, -40 Celsius and below).

Chinese tourists. On the lake outside my cabin.

A typical Finnish road.

A typical Finnish person, sitting on a frozen lake for six hours waiting to catch some rather petite fish.

First sighting of a Moomin, and it's a captive one..

Most places have the ability to plough their own roads.

Open water.


Frozen bubbles.

I suppose Lapland and American West have a lot in common..

Snowmobile magazines. Clearly a big thing.