Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Lapland Day 4: Winter Wonderland

Lapland looks entirely different in tone whether the trees do or do not have snow on them. So, in order to see them with snow on, I went down to Saariselka, a resort town to the south which has a little more elevation.

Winter wonderland, is basically the only way to describe it. (This is probably why Santa's official office is in Saariselka, with handy coach park right next to it.)

This night I also saw my first glimpse of the aurora, as there as a very brief break in the clouds: at this latitude you are basically guaranteed to see the aurora every night, but what you are far less likely to be guaranteed is clear skies in order to be able to see them..

There is a ski slope here.

If the photos had looked a little unreal, that's because it was quite an unreal landscape to witness. (And processing the photos of it was exceptionally difficult, as the ones of just the snow and the flat sky were almost 100% lacking in contrast.)

Cross country.

The abominable snowman.

Pine needles. Iced up.

Looks a bit arctic. Which might be explained by the fact that it's the arctic.

Santa, Santa, Santa! And his reindeer pulled coaches!

First glimpse of the aurora, through a brief break in the clouds.

With strong moonlight on the other side.

Brief, small, simple, but certainly beautiful.