Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Lapland Day 5: A walk around the lake

Despite a forecast by (a rather unreliable forecaster, in my experience) of clear skies, the clouds remained as thick as ever. So, I went for a gentle wander around the lake and its surrounding areas.

Rocks and trees, more or less covered by snow, with evidence of bilberries and other small plants poking out where they could.

Towards the end of the day, the clouds began to break up, and I actually saw a bit of sunlight for the first time. It also made me hopeful for the coming night..

Quick note: wading through waist deep snow with an icy crust on it is hard work. Very hard work. You gently extract one leg, place it as far forwards as you can, put your weight on it, think it's going to hold, but of course when you begin to extract the next leg you end up sinking straight down again. Slow going...

Everything in Finland either is a tree, or was at some point in its past a tree.

A perfect little bonsai.

Traditional houses in Lapland are really beautiful.

A Siberian tit. When I arrived, they were flying around me and landing on my camera and head.

So I scooped up some of their food and they fed from my hand.

Note the snowless ice here: this is a narrow channel, which I believe froze later than everything else.

Wow. Actual sun.

This little cuties was hand-reared, apparently: I heard her walk onto the lake as I was trekking across it. Not realising she was almost tame, I crouched down and changed one of my cameras to a long lens. By the time I had changed lenses, she was only a few metres away from me, and I had to switch back to a wider lens..