Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Appleby Horse Fair 2017

Appleby Horse Fair. Again.

A different experience to last year, with its hot, sunny weather. The cool, wet weather this year seemed to keep the visitors away, but the fair was just as busy as ever with travellers of various kinds. The campsite was a muddy quagmire in places (I chose the wrong footwear..), with horses grazing circles around their tethers. Dogs and children ran around.

Just as with last year, the atmosphere was good. Friendly. Even when nearly getting run down by a horse and trap doing about 40mph down Dufton road.

There was a huge police presence in most parts of the fair, including lots of armed officers. I noticed that many of the armed officers were carrying tear gas launchers.

I made the decision this year to go without any long lens. So these were taken with a 16mm, 23mm and 50mm lens set. On the whole I didn't miss a long lens.