Thursday, 22 June 2017

Swaledale Mountain Rescue out on the fells

Swaledale Mountain Rescue team were out practicing casualty care last night, under the guidance of emergency first aid instructor Tim Cain, who is a member of the team. His search and rescue dog in training, Cassie, also attended.

The team were out on Fremington Edge above Reeth, at the same spot where last year there were serious casualties during the Ard Rock Enduro race: it isn’t hard to see why, with racers coming flying over a lip and down a 45 degree incline descent with jagged rocks on either side of the narrow track. The Air Ambulance landed nearby last year to evacuate casualties.

Swaledale Mountain Rescue will be on hand again this year to provide support when the event takes place in early August. According to the fake casualties who took part in this training exercise, they felt in good hands.