Saturday, 28 January 2012

More of Wisley

Photo of a photo..

This alpine plant was a lot smaller than it looks here..

How big do you think that is?

It's that big.

A crop.. just because I liked it. Almost invisibly small..

Boldermere lake.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The butterfly house

Today I went to Wisley gardens where they had filled their tropical glasshouse with butterflies.

No, this isn't a butterfly, but it is a butterfly's dinner.

As is this.

And these.

This is the same plant.

I think these are specially designed anti-butterfly plants.

A first sighting..

Butterflies can only land into a headwind. (No, actually, I'm making that up..)

This was dessert.

As was this.

These ones have freshly emerged from their chrysalis and are unfurling their wings for the first time.

Close up, the butterflies' wings almost look like "digicam".

Wings unfurl.


Why rush an important job?

That's not great camouflage..

Neither is that.

At least this one was hiding.

And this one was waiting.

This one was scanning from left to right for its next meal.

And then, outside, by pure chance I happened upon a bench dedicated to my grandfather.


That is, in fact, a bumblebee gathering nectar from a blossom tree. In January.. (No, there's something not quite right there..)

Monday, 16 January 2012

The Mole

I paused during my route to work this morning to photograph the river Mole as it meanders through Cobham. It looks better on a misty morning, but I don't always have my camera with me. Today I did.

The Mole floodplain.

Trees on the floodplain.

A solitary swan on the Mole.

The Mole.