Sunday, 8 January 2012

Surrey Churches & Chapels

I visited a couple of local churches and chapels today, starting with the very beautiful and unusual Watts Mortuary chapel in Compton, near Guildford:

The unusual architecture of the chapel looms out of the trees.

The path to the entrance.

The entrance, surrounded by intricate clay designs, done by local villagers.

Detail of the doorway.

Detail of the clay works above the doorway.

The decoration inside is unexpectedly colourful, and very beautiful.

In this super wide angle shot you can see the entire interior.

I then moved on..

Walking the dog..

To the church, St Nicholas:

The church in Compton.

The altar.

Some of the architecture is very old.

And then on again, to the park at Albury, where the church is no longer used:

Detail of the surface of a tomb in the floor.

Looking down through the church.

A side chapel.

Detail of the stained glass window.

A support pillar.

Looking through the window to the grey winter day.