Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kate Measures' Happy Families Showcase

I attended (and photographed) Kate Measures' Happy Families Showcase today, a conference of professionals pooling their insights on how to improve visitor experiences for families. Speakers were from the National Trust, Woodland Trust and London Transport Museum. I would highly recommend their events for professionals working in the tourism sector.

This way to the fun.

Nice bags.

Setting up.

The National Trust had a big presence.

How to improve visitor experiences.. with Play Doh.

Sensory learning.


More Play Doh.


Kate looking enthusiastic (no change there then).

The Woodland Trust.

Keswick Pencil Museum's watercolour pencils.

Time travelling moustache. (You had to be there.)

Scrap bunny.

Making flying fish from scrap.

Teams compete to make the best bunny from scrap.

Many hands make..

That's a smart looking bunny.

Wollaton Hall, Nottingham, where the event was held.