Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mating grouse and the deserted Dales house

I was walking in Swaledale today above Healaugh. It was clearly grouse mating season, as males were following females around the heather, warbling away to each other.

I also found what was once clearly a magnificent Dales farm house, abandoned no doubt when cars arrived and no road could be built to its remote location. The iron fireplace, stove and oven still stood in the stone, with several layers of paint slowly vanishing to reveal the rust underneath.

A very gnarled tree.

Water tumbling along the stream.

A rabbit skull.

The ruined house.

A female grouse.

A male grouse.


The stove.

Peeling paint around the fireplace.

Ironwork detail.

Insect and weather damage on a door frame.