Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Moon

I've been reading a lot about the Apollo missions recently. I find it quite amazing to look up at the moon and think that forty years ago men were walking about on it. It was an incredible achievement, and in fact Arthur C. Clarke said that in 1000 years it may be the only achievement remembered from our age. In some ways I almost hope that he is right.

Anyway, sadly I won't be walking on the moon. However, I have just bought myself a 2x teleconverter, turning my 300mm lens into a 600mm lens. This at least lets me get a little bit closer..

I took the following shot tonight (best viewed larger by clicking on the image):

And these are some of my older shots of the moon:

During the day.

With some foreground. An orange moon.

A double exposure: one for the moon, one for the clouds.

A very old shot, but I like the shape and shadow.