Monday, 30 April 2012

Favourites #6: Sands of the Sinai

I have been reading Arabian Sands, an account of Wilfred Thesiger's travels through Arabia's "Empty Quarter". It's a very interesting book, with absolutely fascinating details on the traditional lives of the Bedouin.

It also reminded me about a trip through the Sinai desert that I took a few years ago:

A dog sanctuary.

In town..

Highway through the desert, surprisingly not covered with sand.


The Bedouin on the move.

Making coffee.

Keeping warm.


Making bread.

Why so amused?


This bread was cooked underneath the fireplace, then beaten to get the ashes off. It was delicious.

Getting ready to sleep.

Making tea. And yes, that's a Heineken..

The stars were incredibly clear. And I: a) hadn't brought a tripod b) hadn't brought a cable release.. and so I was resting my camera on my rucksack, holding the shutter with my finger, in sub-zero temperatures. Yes, it hurt. So if you like the photo, please say so!

The camp. The light on the left was the moon.


It was cold.

Wakey wakey.

Across the Red Sea.


The Burning Bush, at St Catherine's Monastery.

Greek Orthodox monks.

St Catherine's Monastery.

Me, on Mount Sinai.

Just picking up some.. carrots?

Halo around the moon.

St Catherine's.

Me, again.