Friday, 13 April 2012

Castle Drogo

Castle Drogo, in Devon. The last castle to be built in Britain, built in the early twentieth century.

I loved the architecture of this place. The outside is quite stark and severe, with almost no ornamentation. I think it is beautiful, and a definite early attempt at modernism.

Unfortunately, the granite construction leaks badly, and the National Trust are trying to raise funds for some very expensive restoration work.

(As I side note, I am getting really annoyed with how Blogger re-orders photographs from the order I specify. Note that the order below is not the correct chronological order..)

The view over the valley.

The window on the main staircase.

The front door.

The main stairway.

In the living room.

Window above from the inside.

A silly bird in the gorunds..

The austere granite exterior.

Definitely still spring.

An early attempt at Subbuteo...


The living room.

Butler's pantry.

The kitchen.