Sunday, 13 May 2012

And the sun shone at Wisley

Enjoyed a warm and sunny day at RHS Wisley gardens today, where I must have spent about half an hour waiting around the alpine house waiting for breaks in the clouds, and then spent another five minutes on one particularly spider laden bush (people really must have thought there was some nutter peering at a bush..).

Enjoy the photographs.

If you're expecting me to tell you what these all are, sorry: I only photograph the things!


These are actually alpines, not roses.

Same with these: they were tiny..

Apologies to arachophobes..

The stem of a giant rhubarb.

Infrared shot looking over the lake towards the glasshouses.

View from the fruit mound.

The fruit orchard.

The main building.

The view from my grandfather's bench.

Bouldermere, across the A3. (Can we please ban traffic to make this place quieter?)