Monday, 28 May 2012

Cycling in Oxfordshire

This last weekend I went cycling.

I started off taking a tour of Milton Keynes by bicycle, which was possibly one of the most discombobulating experiences of my life: without constant checking the map it would be very easy to get lost there, even if you know the place quite well and have a good sense of direction:

(Note that all these photos are taken with my pretty poor phone camera.)

Setting out in Milton Keynes.

Finding the way..

This is how you know which "village" you're in.

This looked nice.

I wonder if the room in the old mill is more..?

Taking a break by some lake or another.

The bike was taking a break too.

Well, you don't see that every day.

The Grand Union.

Cypress trees?

The M1.

The next day I met up with friends in Oxfordshire for another great day in the sunshine, touring the country lanes:

That's Dr Rosalind the opera singing meteorologist, and Dr Andrew, the physicist.

Also, some terrible quality video, shot with my phone:

We stopped for lunch at the windmill at Brill:

Andrew and Thomas enjoying the sun.

And we also stopped off for a wander around the National Trust "Duck Decoy":

All locked with a single lock..
Adrian standing next to a 300 year old pear tree. Allegedly.
One of the "duck decoys".