Friday, 18 May 2012

Old boots and other objects

There is no particular reason to post this exceptionally random collection of images, except that I suppose I felt compelled to take each and every one of them:

A pair of useless boots.

The FT in miniature.

There's a gorilla on the balcony. You don't see that everyday.

The five pound note.


I'm a pretty big fan of Tintin.

Fly away home.

My first camera bag.

This filthy naked light bulb was in my bedroom in a place I lived for several months.

Butter fell away from this spoon, leaving this pattern.

Through the car wash.

Waiting to leave.


Instant cappuccino.

Diffused light through a glass.


Old agricultural ribs.

An old plough.

A jacket I've had for nearly fifteen years. It needs re-lining..


A very worn kitchen knife.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.


Asian pear.


Pill pots.

A Rubiks cube. Found, abandoned, in this position.


Through many windows.