Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The world in infra-red

About this time last year the weather was very different to what it is this year: there was one particular day last spring that was very warm with open blue skies and a strong sun, and a very strong wind.

A few months before I had spent about £4 on an infra-red filter but hadn't had a chance to use it. With the strong sun beating its rays off the new leaves of the trees, it was a fantastic day to put it on and try it out.

I really like infra-red photography. For those who don't know, it captures light in the near infra-red. Trees and foliage reflect infra-red rays very well, and so always show up very brightly. The windy day, coupled with long exposures, also captured the movement of the foliage, giving a candy-floss effect.

Most of these shots are at 18mm, exposures of 30 seconds, usually about f4.5 and about ISO 200-400. Lastly, on the computer, all the photographs have had the red and blue channels swapped and the contrast slightly boosted.

I hope people like them. I'm looking forward to a day this year when I can take some more.