Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympics 2012, the men's road race passes through Shere

Walked over to Shere this morning to see the Olympic men's road race come through. Shame Team GB couldn't win it, but it was great to see.

It's foxglove season; lots out on the walk over.

Graffiti under the Shere bypass. If it had been "Vino" I might have been a bit perturbed.

Yes, Shere is very pretty.

Shere church.


Stained glass.

Plenty of bunting out.

And plenty of cyclists.

"Go Cav!"

Somebody out enjoying the route before the pros come through.

There were more police motorcycles than there were cyclists..

The first rider through (part of a breakaway) was Australian.

The breakaway included one Team GB rider.

Then the main peleton came through.

The team cars.