Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cortijo La Salamanquesa, Andalucia

As a birthday treat I have been in Andalucia. I stayed at a beautiful rural boutique B&B called Cortijo La Salamanquesa.

I have to disclose now that I wasn't paying a cent for this wonderful experience, as the owner is my aunt. I do however really recommend going to stay with her, as it's very reasonable and in a beautiful rural Andalucian location, surrounded by hills and desert. There are beaches just ten minutes away, and the beautiful Cabo de Gato national park, and the Tabernas desert, and many very picturesque traditional Spanish villages.

She has three interesting dogs: the painfully shy rescue dog, Chico Chico; the friendly but shy Trufi; and the amazing Cuki, who is just a puppy but already stands above the table: a lovable, playful, friendly giant of a lady. (Sadly, because of Spanish law, Cuki has to be kept in a cage when guests are present, because she is so large.)

More photos will be coming soon.

The driveway; it's quite hard to find!

Quite an evening view..

The very shy Chico Chico, who didn't like being photographed..

The also very shy Trufi.

The pool.

Very prickly prickly pears.