Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Andalucian landscape

The Andalucian landscape is very beautiful. It is semi-desert, with the lowest rainfall of anywhere in Europe. Wiry trees and shrubs grow, as well as magnificent forests of maritime pines higher up in the mountains.

Crickets and cicadas provide the aural backdrop. The sun sears overhead during the middle of the day.

Hot weather for a camper van.

Fig trees are abundant: pick yourself a bag full (or two). Delicious.

The scrubby tree which is found throughout the region.


An abandoned villa.

The view from the town of Sorbas.

Somebody cycles down the hill in Sorbas.

The church at Sorbas.

The inside of a kiln that used to separate ore.

Mountain road.

It's actually the sunset, not a nuclear explosion.

Fire. Here's a tip: don't have a barbecue in summer......