Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bob Symes' Steamdays

A "neighbour" of mine (well, a couple of miles away, but it counts) is a fascinating man called Bob Symes (real name: Robert Alexander Baron Schutzmann von Schutzmansdorff).

To have a quick summary of the man, check his Wikipedia page.

As you can perhaps tell from that, he's passionate about trains (and engineering in general). A few times a year he hosts an event in the grounds of his beautiful house, nestled among the forests of the Surrey hills, where he runs his 1 Gauge railway to raise funds for Children in Need: tea, coffee and home-made cakes can be had while enjoying a ride around the garden on a steam train.

He also has a smaller gauge layout where people can bring their own trains, and enjoy shunting up and down the tracks all day.

All in all, they're great days, and next time I know one is being held I'll post details here.

He's also selling his amazing house (trains and track not included!) to move to Wales. If you're interested (and it's a truly beautiful three bedroom traditional Surrey house with outbuildings and woodland) then let me know and I'll forward on details.

The diesel One Gauge.


Some of the small trains are real steam engines. I was very impressed by that.

Most are built from scratch by their owners.

Bob Symes.

Bob at the controls, with passengers (including his wife at the back).

With his "Fat Controller" hat.

Coming around the bend..

Tea and cake.

Everybody gets a turn at driving!

Fun for all.

Can you outrun the trains?

So glad those dogs have safety jackets on..