Monday, 10 December 2012

The year in review (via camera phone)

At the start of this year my phone finally stopped working. It had done pretty well (I'd had it for nearly eight years), but it finally went onto the phone graveyard in the sky. I took to eBay and for £30 found a reasonable replacement. This little Nokia also had one of those newfangled integrated camera thingymajimmies.

It's really quite rubbish, but I do occasionally pull it out to document something, either when I don't have my camera with me, or if my camera is currently indisposed.

Anyway, I have decided to post a collection of my phone camera shots from the year. A sort of "year in review", if you will. Most of the photographs also have a link to the main blog post for whatever it is in the photograph.

I hope you enjoy looking through them, and perhaps have enjoyed some of the photos in my first year of having this blog.

Thank you.

Taking photographs of the Alps during my exhibition in Avigliana.


Wintry weather at Polesden Lacey.

At the office. Thrilling.

At home.

Salt and pepper, at the old office.

Watching ducks land on a frozen lake was funny. I shouldn't have found it so amusing, but I did.

Boldermere, frozen.

Kitchen window.


Yes. It really did rain a LOT this year. Just when I started commuting by motorcycle.

Regent Street. Bring your waders.

Occasional sun.


The south coast.

Don't ask. Somebody at the office thought this looked good.



Cycling in Oxfordshire.

What the..?

No, I don't know either.

That sunset was a lot prettier in person.

Taking timelapse shots.


These things are SO silly. All the drawbacks of a car and none of the benefits of a bike.

Out cycling on the Olympic route near where I live.

Nearby poppy field.

The office.



Couldn't sleep.

The office.

Red Arrows flypast.

I would quite like that camera. Not sure I can justify £5000 just for the body alone, however........

The Louvre.


Sunset on the office roof.

Fancy London bars.

On the slow old train from Waterloo.