Friday, 8 February 2013

The wrong kind of grey

Sorry. No photos here today. And there haven't been many photos on here for a while, I know.

Here is the main reason for this:

Grey. Grey. Grey. A bit of grey. Oh and look, some more grey. (Thanks you're depressingly accurate..)

Since April 2012 it feels like the number of sunny days in southern England could be counted using only my fingers (and possibly toes, if we stretch the definition of "sunny"). In fact, I missed the only really good stretch of sunny weather, during the latter half of August, because I was in Spain (where the weather was pretty nice, I admit).

Instead, it has been more like this, except without the shots of blue skies.

I ride a motorcycle to work so am fairly aware of what the weather is like. Prior to the motorcycle (and a change of work location) I was on a bicycle, so again, I was fairly aware of the weather, and cannot recall any such extended period of gloomy, damp, chilly weather.

I could get out with my camera and record the grey and dampness anyway (and sometimes the city looks better like this), but it's hard to muster the enthusiasm. And also, grey skies and no sunshine just look bad. Blown highlights for the sky, and drab colours for everything else? No thanks. While I'm not against taking photographs that have a subdued feel to them, I dislike plain ugly.

So... What I am trying to say is that I really hope for some improvement to the weather, and that the clouds scurry away and some much needed sunshine returns. Here's hoping..