Sunday, 14 April 2013

Pico Viejo (not quite Teide)

And finally, on the last day, an ascent of Teide.

Or that was the plan, anyway. But climbing from Samara to Teide carrying some heavy gear proved to be far more difficult than anticipated, with some pretty rough walking over loose, uneven surfaces.

However, I did make it up to the crater of Pico Viejo, which was very interesting. There was still some snow lying around. And the view was stunning.

Tenerife was pretty interesting. I really would recommend it as a place for walkers.

Starting off from Samara early in the morning.

The goal, dead ahead.

Doesn't look too far, right? (Actually, it was about 8km.)

Growing straight out of the volcanic rock, these flowers were spectacular.

The surface of Mars.

That, down there, would be one of those giant resort places.

And that, down there, would be one of those tour bus thingys.

The crater of Pico Viejo.

Snow! And down by the coast it was 27 degrees.

Well, I didn't quite make it, but.. it was still a great walk.