Thursday, 11 April 2013

The high route from Masca to the cliffs of Los Gigantes.

There is a footpath from the isolated village of Masca along a narrow ridge, running all the way to the cliffs of Los Gigantes.

Unfortunately, unless you have a rope (a 500m rope..) or can fly, it's a one way trip, and you have to return the same way. However, as the walk is so stunning (especially with the sunlight changing during the day) that's not something I was complaining about.

One of the most interesting things was the large amphitheatre style terraced area right on the clifftops, sheltered from the sea by a lip on the edge. The effort required to build and maintain this large farming area must have been immense, and I have no idea how the people working there would have journeyed to work (did they walk it each day? or did some of them live there permanently?), and how did they get supplies up and crops down? Via ropes off the cliffs? But as mentioned, those cliffs are 500m high.

Anyway, to find a "farm" in such a place was highly surprising. I would love to know what crop was worth the effort.

Los Gigantes, seen from.. Los Gigantes.

Looking down towards Masca.

An ant.

Not sure what this little cave house was originally. Wonderful view though..

The scenery was amazing. These photos don't really do it justice.

The gorge on the right is the famous Masca gorge, which I walked the following day.

This was on the top of the agricultural area, and I assume it was an area for crushing the crop.

One of the ruined buildings in the terraced area.

The construction of the roof was very interesting.

There is no easy or particularly safe way down into the surrounding valleys..

This building definitely had sleeping quarters, with a fireplace. It was quite cosy.

The terraced areas now host an amazingly colourful display of wildflowers. It was quite breathtaking in the sunshine, and again, these photos don't do it justice.


The town of Los Gigantes.

Masca, seen from above.


They are amazing climbers.

Sunset was beautiful.

Masca at night.