Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The volcanic landscape of Tenerife

The volcanic landscape surrounding Teide and Pico Viejo is quite beautiful. It is actually multi-coloured, with oranges, reds, greens, blacks. On closer inspection, some of the rocks have a blue/purple iridescent coating, sparkling in bright sunshine.

The night skies are incredibly clear, with only an orange glow coming from around the edges of the island (the resorts).

A burnt valley full of trees. Amazingly, the trees survive the fire.

In the distance here you can see the observatory.

Looking down onto the Forestal Corona.

Cloud cover.

That's not the sea..

On the left is Teide. On the right is the glow from urban areas on the coast.

At night with cloud cover the light show is quite impressive.

Not really as impressive as the stars though.

Teide is on the right. And this star trail photograph shows the equator line, and the southern stars on the left, and northern on the right.

A full moon.