Saturday, 13 April 2013

The walk through the Masca gorge

The lower walk from Masca goes through the gorge to the sea.

From the village it doesn't seem like such a long way: just down a bit, round a couple of bends and there you are, at the sea.

The reality is slightly different: the walk snakes around down in the canyon, and after each turn you're expecting to see the sea only to find the path heading onwards.

When you finally hear the sea it's quite a relief.

Masca beach is rocky and the waves were pretty big. I sat underneath a couple and almost got washed away. My camera also had a rough time on this beach: I nearly dropped it the first time I took it out of my bag. Then it nearly got washed away by a freakishly large wave (that also nearly washed me away), though fortunately somebody very quick thinking grabbed it in time. And lastly, when I was taking some of the wave shots below, one wave went right over the top of me, camera and all. And this is the point at which I declare that I'm a Pentax user, and so a complete drenching was for my camera just another day at the office.. A quick towel off and it was ready to go.

From Masca beach you can catch a boat to Los Gigantes. Getting on the boat was fun: standing on a large rock offshore, jumping onto the prow of the boat when it comes close. What was most scary though was when one wave came just over the top of the rock with all the people on. Had that wave been just a bit more powerful, everybody would have ended up in the water, with some pretty deadly consequences.

But, a great walk.

The beach, finally!

Waiting for the boat to Los Gigantes.


The 500m cliffs of Los Gigantes.

Teide, in the distance.

Masca at night.