Sunday, 12 May 2013

Becky falls, Dartmoor

Becky falls, Dartmoor.

A very enterprising person has set up an impressively expensive paid car park (no other easy parking can be found in the area) for people to walk along the public footpath to the waterfalls. Yes, that's right: adults would be charged nearly £8 each for the privilege of walking along a public footpath. The owners of this car park have also set up some animal pens for children to gawk at lambs etc, which in my opinion heavily detracted from the natural beauty of the environment.

Fortunately when I arrived it was already well after closing time (yes, "closing time" for a waterfall!), so I just wandered down for free and enjoyed the place without any other people. Much, much nicer, I am sure.

It's a shame there wasn't much water in the river, as I'm sure with a good flow these are some impressive waterfalls.

Small bridge upstream.

Lots of barbed wire and "private" signs in the area.

With a lot more water this would be impressive.